Saturday, February 11, 2006

''Podcasting Liberally'' in Seattle, WEEK 2

If I was modest, I wouldn't mention that yours truly makes his radio debut here. There is a lot of giggling and silly comments with some good political discussion thrown in from time to time, if you are looking for 45 minutes of free audio entertainment.

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Chad Shue said...

Is it me or is this crew really gay-obsessed? I mean, seriously, two weeks in a row spent in the locker room? What is the average age here, 12?

I am not going to try to put the names to the voices just yet but I have to say that there were a couple of things in this week's podcast that really stood out for me. The whole rant about the victim being responsible for the crime. Was it really suggested that Cantwell's vote to invade Iraq was the fault of the Naderites? I hold the same contempt for the Democrats who voted for Nader but, for God's sake, that did not happen in Washington where liberal Democrats AND Greens worked their asses off for Cantwell because we believed she would represent us not betray us.

Then of course, there was the obligatory Wilson ( bashing where, with no critical analysis applied, Mark and his supporters are simply cast aside as irrelevant. With the single exception of Switzerblog, I have yet to hear anyone take Mark on based upon his stance on the issues. Even Switz's take was more of the "He's too LIBERAL" rant.

I think the most telling part of the podcast, however, was when Liberal Girl Next Door asked why, when there was a Democratic Whitehouse and Congress under Clinton, the Progressives were told that we still had to wait our turn (or words to that effect) while Clinton drove NAFTA, WTO, and Welfare "Reform", there was "dead air" in the Alehouse. The ultimate "DLC in crowd" response.

Anyway, I may try to sit through one more podcast next week but I certainly hope that they let you participate more so that the level of discourse rises to a more meaningful place.