Friday, February 24, 2006

"Podcasting Liberally. Episode III"

"That’s right! Episode III of Podcasting Liberally is now available on-line!

Once again, I was part of a panel of liberals (who all happened to be bloggers) for an hour of fun political conversation. This week, our regular host, Goldy, couldn’t join us. But, Belltowner from Pike Place Politics did a great job hosting—so good, in fact, that Goldy was inspired to invite Belltowner on a quail hunting trip. Hmmmm….

Other panelists were The (liberal) Girl Next Door, Carl Ballard from Washington State Political Report, thehim from Blog Reload, Daniel from On the Road to 2008, and Gavin at Gavin

Many thanks to Gavin and Richard for making it happen."-from Darryl at Hominoid Views. Darryl's an anthropologist, so that's why his blog has that particular name, I assume.

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