Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hillary's "Macaca moment"? (video) (Updated)

UPDATE: barelypolitical, (the Obama girl people) have just produced a satirical YouTube, "Hillary WASN'T LYING! Bosnia gunfire footage discovered..."

heathj82, video (01:39):
SNIPERGATE '08 - Can HRC survive being caught in a bald-faced lie?

Watch a news report from 1996 about HRC's trip to Bosnia and then see her speech from March 17, 2008 where she answers a question about the trip. So embarrassing!
Howie P.S.: DHinMI's diary on Kos adds
It's been available on YouTube for days, and has now been supplemented with several other reports showing the same events from slightly different camera angles. And it hardly takes the kind of maniacal focus on details that obsessives have lavished on the Zapruder film to see that everything was calm, that she strolled out of the plane toward the ceremony, and that there was no imminent threat to her life or the lives of anyone else on that tarmac.

Unlike the Macaca moment, this wasn't a new piece of video. It wasn't a revelation, something previously unknown and exposed to the world. This time, the problem for the candidate isn't something she just said that ended up on YouTube, it's that what she said is easily refuted by watching video available for everyone to see on YouTube.

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