Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Ari Melber (The Nation)with video (01:27):
Jack Murtha, the decorated Marine, Iraq war critic and 34-year veteran of Pennsylvania politics, has been going all out for Hillary Clinton. Today the Clinton Campaign released a new YouTube video featuring Murtha on the stump, telling voters that Clinton is the best candidate to run fiscal policy, end the war and "restore our military." On YouTube, Clinton has lagged far behind Obama, who has used the site to reach millions of viewers for a fraction of the cost of TV and direct mail. Recently, however, the Clinton Campaign has begun uploading a greater range of footage on its YouTube channel.
Howie P.S.: When Murtha announced his support of HRC, I was curious about why he was backing her. After viewing this, entitled "Rep. Murtha Explains Why He's For Hillary," I'm still wondering.

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