Monday, March 24, 2008

"Obama Tells Smerconish That He Confronted Wright On Statements"

Jason Linkins (Huffingotn Post):
The Politico highlights a snippet of transcript from a tomorrow's edition of Michael Smerconish's radio show, in which he interviews Senator Barack Obama. Smerconish, who's been an Obama defender, apparently questioned the presidential candidate on his relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Trinity Church, which Obama insisted was "not a crackpot church."

Obama also told Smerconish that he had previously confronted Wright on his controversial statements:

SMERCONISH: Would the speech have come as a surprise to Wright?

OBAMA: No, I think he recognizes. When some these remarks first came to light were a year ago, and I actually called him and it created some tensions that were reported in the newspapers. He understood that his perspective on some of these issues were very different from mine and hopefully we could agree to disagree on some of these issues. I wasn't familiar with some of the most offensive remarks that had come up otherwise we probably would have a more intense conversation.

Obama also suggested that the whole flap only proved "the danger of the YouTube era," which is some perplexing perspective from the guy whose own message is currently being carried far and wide by YouTube.

Howie P.S.: I don't think Linkins "got" Obama's point. With YouTube media, partial sequences can be sent far and wide while editing out other messages from the same appearance that change the meaning of the speech. Those who have watched the unedited footage of Wright say his remarks come across quite differently when viewed inside his complete remarks.

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