Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Midday 2008 Election (Pacific)/Afternoon (Eastern)Excerpts Roundup

"Obama Faces Battle For New Hampshire--McCain Bets on His Past Successes; Democrat Tops Polls"(Wall Street Journal):
While national polls in recent weeks have shown Sen. McCain gaining, the one major poll of New Hampshire conducted since the two parties held their conventions -- a CNN-Time Magazine poll of 900 registered voters last week -- gave Sen. Obama a six-point lead.

A demographic shift in New Hampshire has nearly eliminated a longtime Republican advantage and registered Republicans outnumber Democrats by less than 5,000 last month, down from 80,000 in 2000.
"Lieberman stands by old friend McCain"(Joel Connelly--Seattle P-I):
Facing exile by Senate Democrats, will Lieberman take a job from old friend McCain?

"It's my intent to stay in the Senate," he began. Again, however, Lieberman spun his answer: "If John gets elected, everything is hypothetical."

He's a serene guy, but Joe Lieberman's public life remains in flux.
"McCain is a "Serial Shameless Liar" (Ari Melber--The Nation):
Sen. John McCain's career was almost felled by accusations of cheating, and it may soon be ended by conviction for lying. McCain was cleared of wrongdoing in the Keating Five, though admonished for bad judgment, but no one will clear him of the brazen set of lies his campaign is launching with increasing frequency in the homestretch of the general election. Nothing will stop McCain's deceit, as The Nation's Ari Berman explains, so the big question is whether the truth will out in time.
Renee Fentress is organizing this protest when Palin comes to Seattle on 9/24. More details.

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