Saturday, September 13, 2008

"WA could be campaign battleground state" (with video)

Chris Daniels (KING 5 News), with video:
RENTON, Wash. - New data suggests Washington state could be considered a battleground state in the tightening presidential race.
A KING 5 SurveyUSA poll shows Barack Obama's lead in Washington has shrunk from 17 points in June to just 4 this week.

On Saturday Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean stopped in Renton to rally volunteers for the Obama campaign.

He was on the offensive against John McCain.

"I think we consider every state to be a battleground state, and this is certainly one we're paying a lot of attention to," Dean said.

In his speech and afterward Dean mentioned Obama, Joe Biden, McCain, and Bush by name, but stayed away from talking at all about Gov. Sarah Palin.

"We're not running against Gov. Palin, we're running against John McCain for president," Dean said.

Mike McKay, the co-chair of McCain's Washington steering committee, believes Palin has powered the republican ticket and now put Washington in play.

"It is because she is a unique individual and she really helps compliment and augment Sen. McCain," McKay said.

A close race could mean appearances by the candidates here, campaign ads and a "ratcheting up" of the rhetoric.


A KING 5 SurveyUSA poll shows Obama's lead has shrunk from 17 points in June to just 4 this week.

"Senator McCain has made his position clear, year in and year out, decade after decade, has fought earmarks," McKay said.

"If you think John McCain is gonna keep any of these promises, I think you better look and see how many promises George Bush kept," Dean said.

Bill Clinton won by double digits in Washington state in 92 and 96, but John Kerry only won the state by 7 points.

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