Monday, October 27, 2008

"Girl Power in WA (with Pics!): Janet & Kathleen, Maria & Patty, for Christine & Darcy"

cyrilb's diary on Kos:
Awesome demonstration of Girl Power today in Bellevue, WA, battleground of a tight WA-08 pick opportunity by Darcy Burner, and a tight gubernatorial race for Christine Gregoire.

In front of a BCC auditorium filled with activists ready to go canvass the area, Darcy and Chris received an all-ladies support from Maria Cantwell & Patty Murray, our 2 WA Senators, and Janet Napolitano & Kathleen Sebelius, the well known Governors of Arizona and Kansas.

Check-out my pics, and see if you recognize them all :)

Hillary would be proud of our glass-shattering team, here. Where was she, btw?... ;)

Then, all the audience was invited to go canvass the area, my neighborhood :). I'm back from my 60 houses (and follow-up data-entry) to post these pics and diary. A good day for Chris and Darcy, I hope. They both need all the help we can muster.


How many Senators/Governors/Representative did you recognize in the pictures?

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H/t to Chad Lupkes.

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