Saturday, March 28, 2009

Al Giordano on drug policy: "Next time, ask a smarter question... and you might well get a smarter answer"

Al Giordano takes Obama to task
Adding insult to injury, the President’s response yesterday during his live online “Open for Questions” session to a query about marijuana policy in a mocking and mean-spirited tongue parted considerably with his “respect, empower, include” credo that has served him so well to date.
and makes a suggestion

That said, pot legalization activists and organizations that urged the “voting up” of many questions that were essentially the same as that which had already been answered back in December didn’t help the cause for a saner drug policy either. They played a role in this dance, too. In effect, they willingly stepped on the rake that today hit all drug policy reformers on the forehead.

A much smarter question to have rated up would have been something like the now fourth-place one at the Ask the President website:

I believe that one of the most ignored problems in this country is the massive cost, both social and economic, of the maintenance of our massive prison system. Especially during these difficult economic times, this is a cost that our country cannot continue to bear. What are your thoughts on the possibility of prison reform, especially in the area of drug crime?

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