Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama's Press Conference, March 24, 2009 (video with early reax)

MSNBC, video (56:01).

Howie P.S.: Chuck Todd, MSNBC, video (01:04), asked one of the first questions, which was about "shared sacrifice" in his spending and financial plans. Obama claimed that his proposals do spread the pain, though some may disagree with him on the equity of the distribution. Bob Scheer is still unhappy with Obama's economic policy team: "Obama’s Toxic Advisers." Howard Dean warns against putting off health care reform because of the pressing challenge of the economic downturn. Obama agreed with this argument in his answer to a question from Ed Henry. Taegan Goddard points out that Obama has already held two prime time pressers, while Clinton and Bush43 each held only four during their entire terms. Goddard thinks Obama and the press corps "did their jobs well" and identified Obama's weakest moment:
Obama was weakest when questioned about deficits in the later years of his budget projections. He was defensive and his answers were not as clear. More important, he showed his opponents in Congress where they might successfully attack his budget proposal.
As usual, Josh Marshall has a pretty good "Sum Up." Rachel Maddow has Matt Taibbi on, video (06:57). to talk about his recent Rolling Stone article, "The Big Takeover," and his criticism of Obama's financial and economic plans. No journalists at the Obama presser took this point of view. They have "moved on." And they didn't do too well on asking any of Ari Melber's "Big Questions for President Obama's Big Press Conference."

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