Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Daniel Ellsberg on Obama (with video)

OpEdNews with video (02:33) of the trailer for the feature film "The Most Dangerous Man in America Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers":
Looking at the Republicans, I can hardly regret my vote and support for him, and I will surely vote for him in 2012. But not because I expect from him the change we need: in the absence of a yet-nonexistent citizens' movement that will change the political environment to which he responds.

Certainly in style, and in some respects in policy, he's far from being a Bush-type Republican. But he's just as far from what we need as he is from McCain and Palin.
Howie P.S.: This is from "Conversation with Daniel Ellsberg: Evaluating Obama So Far" by Joan Brunwasser. The film, which has been nominated for a 2010 Academy Award, opens in Seattle on March 12.

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