Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sable: Standing-Room Only For McGinn’s Youth And Family “Workshop”

The crowds spilled into the main hall of the Rainier Community center even before the 7:00pm meeting was underway.

“I’m here because I raise kids in this city, and they don’t feel safe,” said one woman who attended with her neighbor. Both women said youth violence, safety and opportunities were their top concerns.

“I want to know what the guy [Mayor McGinn] is actually going to do,” said one man who identified himself as “Gary”. “He talks a whole lot of stuff, but I want to know, when he is done hearing from all of us, is he going to put the city’s money where its mouth is, or leave these kids out to dry?”

Dozens of parents neighbors, volunteers crammed into a small room prepared to begin the discussion.

The co-chairs of the new initiative are former mayor Norm Rice, former deputy mayor Bob Watt and Estela Ortega, executive director at El Centro de la Raza and were on hand to lead the meeting.
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