Sunday, June 03, 2012

"Cenk Uygur Praises MSNBC’s Up with Chris Hayes, Slams President Obama"

Tommy Christopher (MEDIAite)
TC: What do you say to somebody who says that pretty much no matter what you can say about President Obama as a criticism, it’ll be, like, ten times worse under Romney?
Cenk: You know, it’s actually gotten bad enough that I’m not sure it would be ten times worse. I believe it’d be worse, absolutely.
TC: How many times?
Cenk: (laughs) I don’t know, but isn’t that a sad question? As a progressive, it should be a million times worse under Romney, but President Obama is so conservative at times that it doesn’t feel that way. Would Mitt Romney do more signature drone strikes, where we don’t even know who we’re bombing? I don’t know, President Obama’s broken a record on drone strikes. Would he do more deportations? I don’t know, President Obama’s broken a record on deportations. Would he do more drug raids? I don’t know, President Obama’s close to breaking a record on drug raids.
That’s not to say that Romney is any kind of alternative. He’s a comical one-percenter, obvious representative of Wall Street, I can’t believe that anyone outside of Wall Street is thinking about voting for him. What it dies mean is that it sucks that these are our choices. MORE...

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