Sunday, June 03, 2012

Melissa Harris-Parry: "The case for Obama"' (with video)

MSNBC-Melissa Harris-Perry, with video (11:28):
If there are limits to inspiration, politics cannot afford to know them. Yes, they flood the airwaves with negative ads -- but I'd venture to say that we're never going to see a Mitt Romney ad about President Obama's use of drones in the Middle East. That's an issue that seems to upset folks on the Left more than anyone -- some of whom Romney outright frightens -- so that's not a demographic Romney can pursue, per se. It's one that the President has to pursue. Again. And this time, I'm not sure that can help. Pure, concentrated inspiration is harder for an incumbent to find, and to employ. But President Obama cannot just win over those on the fence by blasting his opponent. A candidate for President must inspire his voting base. Romney seems to be doing that by attacking the President at every turn, protecting the One Percent and hanging out with a loud-and-proud birther. How is the President making his own argument? MORE...
Howie P.S.: Doug Wilder, Karen Finney and Ari Melber chew the fat with Melissa. Stay tuned for the next segment, "Social equality under Obama."

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