Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Daily Kos: DelBene Bests Burner in WA-01 Primary Vote

David Jarman (Daily Kos):
Tue Aug 07, 2012 at 10:05 PM PT (David Jarman): Finally, let's recap in Washington. The main event in the Evergreen State was in WA-01, left open by Jay Inslee and then significantly reddened in redistricting. Lone Republican John Koster easily advanced, and won the second slot among the Dems more easily than expected: the scorecard (in the Top 2 primary) goes Koster 44, DelBene 23, Darcy Burner 15, Laura Ruderman 7, Steve Hobbs 7, Darshan Rauniyar 2, and indie Larry Ishmael 2. That's a cumulative 54-44 in favor of the Dems, which, if you subscribe to the train of thought that the Top 2 is a useful predictor of November, is pretty good news.
WA-06 and WA-10 -- both open seats in light-blue districts -- were interesting to the extent that it wasn't certain which Republican would advance. The AP has just called both those races: In the 6th, it'll be Dem state Sen. Derek Kilmer vs. timber baron Bill Driscoll; they finished 54-18, with the large GOP balance going to assorted perennial candidates and Paulists. (That's a 54-42 Dem advantage overall.) And in the 10th, it'll be Dem ex-state Rep. Denny Heck vs. GOP Pierce Co. Councilor Dick Muri; they finished 41-26, with 15 for GOPer Stan Flemming and 12 for Dem Jennifer Ferguson. (That's a 53-41 Dem advantage overall.)
The gubernatorial race is interesting only in the sense of the Top 2's predictive value; Dem Jay Inslee and GOPer Rob McKenna advanced with no trouble, with Inslee leading McKenna 47-43. (The overall total is a 51-47 Dem advantage.)
The Dems may also be on track to picking up the open AG and SoS positions, both of which have eluded them for years and which would, assuming their incumbents hold, give the Dems control of all the statewide offices. In the AG race, Dem Bob Ferguson is at 52 and GOPer Reagan Dunn is at 38 (for a 52-47 Dem advantage overall). In the SoS race, GOPer Kim Wyman and Dem Kathleen Drew advance; they were at 39 and 22, with 16 for Greg Nickels and 14 for Jim Kastama. (That's good for a 52-39 Dem advantage overall.)

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