Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meet "Shanimal"- Obama WA '08 Leader and 2012 Delegate to the Democratic National Convention
How did you come up with your derby name and number?
Whiskey Ginger came up with it when I was starting Flight School as a play on my real name; I loved it and thought it suited me well. MIR Code 260 is Seattle Police Code for Dangerous Animal. "miR" also stands for miRNA, which is an endogenous gene regulatory mechanism, and I sell miRNA. "miR260" is a specific miRNA for C. elegans, so it's a regulatory element of a WORM, a common drill in Roller Derby. Yes, I'm a biology nerd.
Why did you join TTRB?
I’ve been a roller derby fan since 2005, but didn’t think I could do it due to 3 surgeries on my left ankle. After watching the first two TTRB banked track bouts, I was hooked, and Whiskey Ginger urged me to give it a try with the first ever TTRB Flight School. I also really like the roller derby culture, which reminds me of my college faux sorority, the Sponges: empowered women with a sense of camaraderie who work hard and play hard.
How long have you been skating?
If you exclude birthday parties as a kid, I went to Lynnwood Bowl & Skate 4 or 5 times before starting Flight School in mid-January 2011.
What derby related injuries, if any, have you had?
No serious ones yet, just lots of bruises, blisters, and a skate wheel up the bum (yeoch!)
How has derby improved your life?
Most notably, I’ve made some awesome friends and I’ve gotten in the best shape I’ve been in since college—a happy side effect of 4+ practices/week.
What do you do with your time, other than derby?
I’m a serial hobbyist: cheesemaking, stained glass, woodworking, gardening, cooking
What is your biggest fear?
I fear getting attacked by butterflies while trapped underwater, under a sheet of ice. Thankfully aquatic butterflies have not yet been discovered, so they must be rare. Realistically though: I fear myself becoming a completely awful person, plus being unaware of it.
What makes you happy?
Manimal—my hubby of 10 years, my puppies, good friends, good food & beverage, and being successful at trying new things.
What is your favorite color?
PURPLE! Specifically the eggplant-y shade.
What is your beverage of choice?
Beer, and nothing beats a good bourbon barrel aged stout.

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