Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"GOP says McKenna will do what Walker did"

David Groves (The Stand):
OLYMPIA (Aug. 29) — Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna has gone to great lengths to tell Washington voters that he’s not like Scott Walker, the divisive Wisconsin governor who took away public employees’ bargaining rights and cut their wages and benefits so he could balance his state’s budget while passing more corporate tax cuts. Given that Washington is the 4th most unionized state in the nation and hasn’t voted to elect a Republican governor in 32 years, McKenna’s distancing himself from Walker is smart politically.
But apparently, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell didn’t get that memo. The leader of the Republican Governors Association, said Tuesday at a Republican National Convention event for Washington delegates in Tampa that Rob McKenna would be a leader much like Scott Walker.
“What Scott Walker did in Wisconsin… that’s what (Montana GOP candidate) Rick Hill and Rob McKenna are going to do in their states as well,” McDonnell said. MORE...

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