Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the FIELD NEGRO: "The republican party."

I am trying to watch the GOP convention. Trying. Between John Boehner's "man walks into a bar" joke, and the whole "you didn't build that" theme, (I think we all know who built it, and we did it free of charge) I am starting to think that the strip bars in Tampa are going to be filling up a bit early tonight. *yawn*

I am just waiting for my friend from New Jersey to tear himself away from the buffet table and give his speech. It should be interesting. I am sure that as a pro choice politician from the Northeast corridor he won't be talking about things like abortion. And, given his party's position on that issue, that's probably a good thing. Governor Chris will be the guy to tear that Obama fellow a new one, and my wingnut friends are hoping and praying that he will deliver.

Rick Santorum is speaking now. He is talking about life and liberty and how we must kick the beige dude out of the people's house "for the sake of our children". Of course Rick is talking about the unborn again. Rick really cares a lot about the unborn, the kids who are here and living in poverty on the other hand; not so much. MORE...

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