Monday, October 17, 2005

From Saturday: Howard Dean in Silicon Valley

"OK I'll tell a bedtime story about a nice, blue eyed man who came to town to support Bay Area longtime Democrat and US Congress member Zoe Lofgren. Though Zoe is not running for office this year she is well known for giving away much of what she receives in contributions to her Democratic colleagues who do happen to be running in the years she is not.

Zoe's district includes the heart of Silicon Valley. She is very well loved and is one of the Dems that we know to be honest, sincere, hard working and who just loves her constituents. It was her hubby's birthday and she wheeled out three cakes that she shared with the group.

Howard worked the room very nicely before he went up on stage. He had time to eat one of the burgers the retired firefighters had just brought in from the grills outside, and continued to grip and grin, and tried to talk, even with his mouth full. He looked desperate for some water so I brought him a cold one. He's such a gracious man...sigh.

I introduced him to the webmaster of the Dean Democrats of Silicon Valley who was responsible for the great Democracyfest 3.0 website. I just had to laugh at the cowlick standing up on his head like a little boy (Howard's, not Spandan's).

His speech was full of the fire and energy from the old days. He spoke passionately about the need for us to keep fighting against the three C's of Bush Administration - cronyism, corruption and cover ups.

He said that we should support our troops by bringing them home and to always stand up for what you believe in - even though it might be the hardest thing to do.

He also hawked the DNC bonds which I think was a good thing, as many were saying they hadn't heard about them.

The best thing was seeing so many DFA shirts in the crowd. It is very apparent that we are the driving force behind much of the organizing and hard work that gets done in this area."-from Denise's post on Howard-Empowered People.

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