Monday, October 03, 2005

Harriet Miers -- A ''Pitbull in Size 6 Shoes''

"A pitbull in size 6 shoes," Bush calls her. Harriet Miers is Bush's nominee for the Supreme Court. Miers is currently White House counsel and was in charge of presenting prospective SCOTUS nominees to Bush. She is 60 years old.
She has never been a judge, so tough questioning of her may be anticipated, although difficult because she has no history of decisions, only performance as a private attorney for clients such as Microsoft and Walt Disney and briefly in local and state office. As its chairperson, she was considered a driving force in cleaning up the Texas state lottery commission. The National Law Journal "named her one of the Nation's 100 most powerful attorneys, and as one of the Nation's top 50 women lawyers." Her bio, published in the Washington Post, via the White House, is below the fold."-from Susan Hu's first post on this nomination on Booman Tribune. Update: For a second opinion or two, check out MyDD. Harriet's got some "splainin' to do" says Sirotablog. Susan Hu now has Harry Hearts Harriet --which Harry you ask? He ain't a member of the English Royal family, he's our Democratic leader in the Senate. Nice that he is on the record right away, even before the hearings. Why would he do that?

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