Thursday, October 27, 2005

Howard Dean on the Withdrawal of Harriet Miers' Supreme Court Nomination

"President Bush's failure to stand up to the right wing of his party and defend Harriet Miers is the latest collapse of leadership at the Bush White House.
In nominating Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court, President Bush had an obligation to do everything possible to support her. President Bush failed in that duty, leaving the Miers nomination to die on the vine. He failed to respond to the many legitimate questions raised about Miers' qualifications, and refused to release documents or disclose vital information that could have shed light on her qualifications. While I had serious questions about her qualifications, she at least deserved an opportunity to make her case to the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Now, the President says he plans to move swiftly to fill this seat. As he considers his next nominee, the President should not cave to the right wing again. He should nominate someone who every American can trust to protect their fundamental rights and freedoms, and he should honor his obligation to consult with Senate Democrats."-from the DNC.

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