Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Seattle Weekly Editorial Board Election Wisdom

Regular readers know I'm more of a Stranger kind of guy, but I like at least one of their picks: "We just can't go along with the coronation of Mayor Greg Nickels. While he claims his pro-development policies are new and environmentally friendly, they are just the same old neighborhood-trampling developer giveaways that City Hall has practiced for decades. His administration is so closed that even the weak City Council got angry enough to demand disclosure of information. While he finally woke up about the disastrous finances of the monorail project, his criticism was too slow in coming. Take this opportunity to let the mayor's opponents know that they should produce a real challenger next time. In the meantime, vote for author and former professor Al Runte."-from The Weakly's list of picks. Thanks to Jeff Reifman for the tip.

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