Saturday, August 20, 2011

"The 6th Annual AM1090 Forum" (with audio and video)

AM1090 with audio and video:
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The 6th Annual AM1090 Forum “Progressive Values: Protecting The Social Safety Net” brings the biggest nationally syndicated progressive talk radio hosts together on one stage to discuss the major political and public policy issues facing our country and what we as citizens must do to put our nation on a path toward progress and prosperity.

With federal budget woes and the ever growing corporate influence on politics and policy, the very fabric of our American way of life is wearing thin. Join us as we discuss the essence of Progressive thought; the need to fight back against attacks on Social Security and Medicare; against the erosion of our country’s manufacturing base and the outsourcing of American jobs; against the war on the middle class; and why bigger and bolder government action may be the only hope to fix the mounting problems we face today.

This year’s lineup includes US Representative Dennis Kucinich, Stephanie Miller, Mike Papantonio, Norman Goldman, Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy, and special guest Ron Reagan. Questions from the audience will guide the discussion, moderated by former Seattle Times Chief Political Reporter David Postman.

Howie P.S.: Parts 1-9 on YouTube here. If you want the short course, go to Parts 8-9 where the panelists present their summary statements.

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