Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"President Obama: Next Chapter Of Deficit Reduction Will Include New Tax Revenue" (with video)

Colby Hall (MEDIAite) with video from MSNBC (08:20):
President Obama took to the White House lawn today and addressed the press shortly after the recent bill had been passed that raised the debt ceiling, and aimed to pivot the focused conversation to “a more balanced approach” to the fall season. The president’s response was muted in tone, downplaying any celebratory tone, and immediately presented the political agenda for next few months: lowering taxes for the lower and middle class and putting more revenue burden on the wealthy.

The president insisted that the next chapter of deficit reduction will focus on a revamped tax code and also hit some of the same talking points he made in the last few days, namely that the people may have voted for a divided government and not a dysfunctional one. “It shouldn’t take the risk of default or catastrophe for people in this town to come together and get something done.”

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