Monday, May 14, 2012

"Ask Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn" tackles the DOJ-Seattle Police Dept. issue (audio)

"WEEKDAY" (KUOW-Steve Scher), with audio:
The city of Seattle faces a Wednesday deadline to respond a Justice Department plan for reforming the Seattle Police Department. The mayor and SPD, meanwhile, are pursuing their own 20–point, 20–month reform agenda. Mayor Mike McGinn says he's trying to negotiate a mutually agreeable solution. We'll ask him about it. We'll also talk about his call to ease development rules as well as the city's decision to pull the plug on its broadband network. Have a question for the mayor? Call 800.289.5869 or email "Weekday."
Howie P.S.: I was interested to learn that Hizzoner heard a lot of community "concerns" regarding public safety and police issues during his campaign for Mayor. It looks like it took the DOJ action to get his attention about really doing something about the issue(s). As is his custom, Scher is a polite interviewer and didn't put his guest on the "hot seat."

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