Thursday, May 10, 2012

"This Afternoon, Seattle Came Out to Thank President Obama for His Support of Marriage Equality"

Paul Constant (SLOG):
President Obama's fundraiser today at the Paramount was his first public appearance since he announced his personal support for marriage equality in an interview with ABC News yesterday, and a lot of people came to the speech with a lot of expectations. Would President Obama's speech today reflect yesterday's news? Would he campaign on gay marriage as an issue? Expectations were high: The streets surrounding the Paramount resembled a mini-Pride parade, with Seattleites in rainbow clothes pushed up against barricades holding signs expressing their gratitude ("THANKS FOR EVOLVING") for his statement of support. A few people held up a large, elaborate banner depicting President Obama on one side and Martin Luther King, Jr. on the other as standard-bearers of civil rights. Would he restate his support? Would he encourage Washington voters to stand up for marriage equality in the fall? MORE...

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