Monday, May 07, 2012

"Chuck Todd: 'Gay Money Has Replaced Wall St. Money' for Obama" (with video)

David, Crooks&Liars with video (04:45):
NBC's Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd on Monday predicted that President Barack Obama would announce his support for marriage equality before the November election because LGBT donors had become more important to his campaign than Wall Street donors.
The MSNBC host said he believes that it's no coincidence that just in the last few days, both Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan have expressed support for same sex marriage.
"They are so sensitive to Biden doing this because, number one, gay money in this election has replaced Wall Street money," Todd explained. "It has been the gay community that has put in money in a way to this President that is a very, very important part of the fundraising operation for President Obama's campaign."
"What I keep being told is [President Barack Obama is] not ever going to announce his change in his position at a press conference. He'll do it a more appropriate venue." MORE...

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