Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Why do poor white voters reject the Democrats? Well, why shouldn't they?"

The late author, Joe Bageant, who wrote a book on how Democrats have lost the political support of poor rural whites and how the Republican Party has convinced these individuals to vote against their own economic self-interest. (photo: Joe 

Gary Younge (GuardianUK):
The white working class is said to 'vote against its own interests'. This only exposes the patronising assumptions of their accusers---Those who are struggling and believe Romney will improve their economic lot are wrong, regardless of their race. Eight years of George W Bush proved that. But it does not follow automatically from that that their home should be supporting Democrats under whom things have gotten less bad less quickly. True, those are the only two choices on offer. But if you're poor they are not great choices. What they need is a party that represents their interests. In a country where corporate money chooses the candidates and therefore shapes the debate that will demand a change in politics, not just politicians. MORE...

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