Sunday, March 26, 2006

''Crashing The Gate'' looking to organize a Seattle event April 7 (UPDATED)

"Jerome Armstrong (of MyDD) and Markos Zuniga (of DailyKos) have a new book out, Crashing The Gate. They're starting a national book tour today in Washington, DS, and will be in the Seattle area April 7th and April 8th.

The April 8th event event will be in Redmond, at Marymoor Park, from Noon until 2:00pm.

The April 7th event is still not defined, and they are inviting people to schedule an event for the tour."-Mike Begley, posting on

Update: According to David Goldstein (Goldy) at, an event is being organized at the Labor Temple, and the SEIU has offered to cover the costs.

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