Wednesday, March 29, 2006

"Time to Recall Bush?"

Kevin Phillips, who I believe is still a Republican, surveys the various options available to those of us who are troubled by the prospect of enduring the current national regime until January 2009, and comes to this conclusion:

"Which brings me to the remedy sought a few years back when Californians got tired of their governor, Gray Davis. Under state law, they were able to mount a recall effort that took away his job. To set up a simular federal mechanism, a constitutional amendment would seem necessary, and that could not happen overnight. Still, with impeachment losing credibility as a constitutiional remedy, the possibilility of having an "incompetent" president with a 35% job approval rating in office for almost three more years represents enough of a threat to an unhappy and beleaguered United States that a wide-ranging debate is in order."

-from The Huffington Post.

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