Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Freddy Freaks Out

If you wonder if the neocons are worrying these days, all you have to do is listen to what their pundit Freddy Barnes is proposing, courtesy of my cyberboss at Booman Tribune:
"Bush needs to shake up his staff, and he makes all the recommendations. Most interestingly, he calls for Donald Rumsfeld to resign and for Dick Cheney to take his place as Secretary of Defense. Condoleezza Rice would then become Vice-President, and Sen. Joseph Lieberman would take over as Secretary of State."
Howie opinion: Now we know this advice is guaranteed to fall on deaf ears. Or you may prefer to describe it as pissing in the wind. So why did Freddy guarantee his permanent exclusion from the rovian hereafter? I have two possible theories.

a)Freddy is consuming massive quantities of the White Man's Medicine.
b)Freddy is channeling Hunter S. Thompson's evil twin from an alternate political universe.

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