Friday, March 31, 2006

Dems Offer "Security Agenda"--Where's the Coverage? (UPDATED)

"Democrats understand that homeland security begins with hometown security. We offer a bold vision for a safer America. We will not only hunt down the terrorists and provide our troops with the tools they need to stop future attacks, but we will do a better job of securing our ports and our nuclear power and chemical plants. Instead of their continued failure to take the steps necessary to protect the safety and security of our communities, President Bush and Republicans in Washington should join Democrats in fighting for an agenda that will provide Real Security for the American people."-Howard Dean on the DNC website. Senator Barbara Boxer described the Bush approach to security as "all hat and no cattle" on the The Ed Schultz Show Wednesday, but they didn't put the audio up on their website. They did put up John Kerry talking about on this subject on the show here.

The Carpetbagger Report observes: "I'm glad the Dems put the "Real Security" document together; it's a solid piece of work. I'm also glad the Dems held a well-planned, well-executed event yesterday in DC. The problem is the news coverage. If the party releases a national security strategy and the news outlets blow it off, does it really make a sound?"

Update: Firedoglake offers "Progressives and the Democratic Security Plan" to help us sort out the wheat from the chaff.

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