Friday, March 31, 2006

"Front Burner"

David Goldstein (Goldy) reminds us on that it's time to cough it up for Darcy:
"The national Dems are paying attention to Darcy Burner’s race and they’ve got a bunch of money to dump on her—provided she raises $320,000. By tomorrow (Friday). Burner has already raised $281,000, and if she can pull in the remaining 39K by tomorrow she’ll likely get $250,000 in new funds from the national Dems."-Dan Savage in The Stranger.

Goldy adds this: "Burner raised $20,000 yesterday alone, so this is doable. I put so much of my personal time and effort into my political activism that I normally don’t make contributions to candidates. (Plus, I don’t have all that much spare change at the moment.) But because I believe so strongly in this race, and because I believe so strongly in Burner as a candidate, I just donated $100.00. If I could have afforded $1000.00, I would have given that. So please give what you can and help push Burner over the top, either by clicking on my Act Blue link, or going directly to her website. If all you can give is 10 bucks, then give 10 bucks. One of the measures of grass roots support is the number of donations, so every little bit helps."

Howie's contribution: $11.33 (hey, it's more than ten bucks!).

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