Sunday, June 25, 2006

"Can Daily Kos Control the Dems?"

I wouldn't count on it. But it might not be a bad thing for it to happen, somehow. Newsweek:
As in 2003, when he rose to prominence filling Howard Dean's Internet piggy bank, he's funneling followers to sites where they can give money to candidates online; only now he has several hundred thousand more readers to hit up and a better network of informants in battleground states. At the same time, he's taken on the task of party-loyalty enforcer, backing candidates who wear their partisanship proudly and assailing those who seem too cozy with the other side on a range of issues.


Crazy Politico said...

Considering the record of candidates backed by Kos in elections so far, the GOP is probably hoping that he does take control.

reality-based educator said...

The money part of the Daily Kos equation is important. There's a reason why the right is attacking Markos and the Daily Kos community (which I am not really a part of - I think I've posted there less than 5 times since I joined back in 2004.) The right is rightfully worried that the progressive Netroots are offsetting the right's Direct mail/Talk Radio fundraising techniques. And while crazy politico is not wrong to point out Kos' record of backing candidates is not all that imposing, he has helped a elect a winner or two by sending some substantial money their way (Stephanie Herseth in S.D. comes to mind.)

That, I think, is what these attacks are all about.

Howard Martin said...

money and other support is scaring the rovians, and they attack when they see a threat to their power.