Thursday, June 22, 2006

"Edwards' Big Idea" (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Here's a video that Edwards has produced on his idea. And Bloomberg covers his latest speech on the issue.

Kos promotes John Edwards today:

"See, this is what vision looks like. This is the kind of big ideas that can help revive the Democratic Party:

Ex-Sen. John Edwards (D-NC), evolving his pitch ahead of an anticipated presidential run in 2008, will propose to cut poverty by a third in 10 years, eliminate it in 30, and put in its place a "Working Society " where Americans are rewarded for hard work with a livable safety net of health and welfare incentives.

Edwards advisers describe the speech as a "major policy address," which means they want the national political media and activist Democrats to pay attention to it.

Notably, the speech advances beyond Edwards's "Two Americas" concept. One aide described that phrase as his identification of the problem -- a society where the wealthy are rewarded and the poor are ignored. This speech inaugurates a new phase -- solutions -- and a new phrase -- a "Working Society."

Now is focusing on the "poor" rather than, say, the middle class a political winner? I don't know. But I like ambitious plans and goals. I like a plan to move America forward rather than just treading water (or worse).

And I do know that the Change To Win unions (SEIU, UNITE-HERE, Teamsters) are really gearing up to back Edwards with all they've got making Edwards a major player in the 2008 sweepstakes."

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francois said...

Two questions about Edwards plan:

1) Since poverty is a relative and not absolute measure, at least according to the government, how can it ever be eliminated?
2) Edwards calls this a "Work Society". How does his safety net promote work? Does it not apply to non-workers? If the safety net is for everyone, how does it encourage work?