Tuesday, June 13, 2006

“Good news for the White House, not so good news for America” (UPDATED)

UPDATE: "He doesn't belong in the White House. If the president valued America more than he valued his connection to Karl Rove, Karl Rove would have been fired a long time ago," said Dean, the Democratic Party chairman, speaking Tuesday on NBC's "Today" show.-from the AP story.

UPDATE: Jason Leopold is still saying that the "the grand jury empanelled in the case returned an indictment that was filed under seal in US District Court for the District of Columbia under the curious heading of Sealed vs. Sealed." If that is a fact, then perhaps Mr. Fitzgerald has chosen not to proceed to file charges in this matter.

Howard Dean, commenting on Rove's "get out of jail free" pass granted yesterday. -the quote is from the story by MSNBC, taken from Dean's appearance on the Today show this morning, airing in Seattle after 7AM on KING5.

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