Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"The netroots conspiracy"

It all started quietly enough, with Jerome deciding to stick with the consulting biz and work for his favorite candidate in the race, Mark Warner. But the relationship was blown wide open in Vegas as Warner made a huge splash. People tried to imply all sorts of quid pro quos between me and Jerome and the Warner operation, but they were missing the real conspiracy all along.

Because under the radar, things have been moving nicely according to plan.

Bill Richardson hired great-guy Joaquin Guerra, an old friend, and made a last-minute decision to hit YearlyKos. That earned my praise.

Wes Clark hit YearlyKos too and has been an avid netroots denizen the past couple of years. I have had corresponded on and off with Wes Jr. over the past few years, and greatly respect the whole Clark family. Cue the praise.

John Edwards rolled out a community scoop site built by Rusty (an old friend, business partner of mine and Jerome who literally built Scoop) and does podcastings that MoveOn's Zack Exley, another friend, loves. Not to mention, Elizabeth Edwards is rumored to be a heavy participant on this site under a pseudonym. And one of my best friends inside the union movement is a HUGE Edwards backer. Praise.

Hillary Clinton hired two friends of mine, bloggers Jesse Berney (formerly of the DNC blog) and Peter Daou (formerly of the Kerry campaign and the Daou Report on Salon). Praise?

Evan Bayh has Chris Smith who I met during the book tour and seemed like a really cool guy. And his operation is aggressively blogging and wooing bloggers.

And suddenly, foot soldiers in the people-powered movement have infiltrated most of the top campaigns, exposing our real goal to all.

It's not to try and win my "endorsement". As I've said before, you are all thinking people and can make up your own minds on who to vote for. You don't need me to tell you. And you wouldn't let me (which is what's so cool about this joint).

The reality is that we have conspired to have people help power the process to pick the next president.

Imagine that.

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