Friday, June 16, 2006

"Horse's ass radio to feature burner, sims, phillips, connelly"

From Michael Hood at blatherWatch:
David Goldstein (KIRO Sundays, 7-10p) is racking up great guests for this Sunday's show.They include 8th district candidate, Darcy Burner; County Executive Ron Sims, King County Council President Larry Phillips; and Joel Connelly, veteran Seattle PI political pundit.

Burner is all over the news today because her fledgling candidacy has so put the fear of god into Republican haircut Dave Reichert that he risked being associated with President Bush, who flew in today for a big bucks fundraiser on posh Mercer Island.

This from this morning's NY Times:

Democratic hopes of retaking the House, party strategists say, could hinge on places like Bellevue, a city of 107,000 just across Lake Washington from Seattle. Here, a fast-growing Asian population and an influx of empty-nesters and singles living in new residential complexes have helped to make this the kind of district that, while continuing to send a Republican to Congress, has turned increasingly Democratic.

Eli Sanders at Slog reports that not only is Bush unpopular in the 8th, (he lost there to Kerry in 2004) but Reichert's numbers are wobbly in the district, despite his attempts to distance himself from the failed presidency. Read all about it here.

Bets were lost all over town, today that there wouldn't be a photo released with both Reichert and Bush. The Seattle Times took one of the two at the door of Bush's plane- expect it soon in Burner ads.

Burner will be on Horses's ass radio at 8p.

At 7p, Goldy will talk to Phillips about what's going to happen with vote-by-mail, now that Dean Logan is leaving. Ron Sims will join them and take calls from listeners.

Bloggers Molly Martin from The (liberal) Girl Next Door and Will Kelley-Kamp of Pike Place Politics will join Goldy in the last hour for some fun and jolly scorn, at the expense, no doubt, of conservatives.

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