Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rasmussen: Cantwell Now Up by 11%

On the heels of her campaign’s first statewide television ad campaign, Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell’s poll numbers have improved for the first time in months. Cantwell now leads challenger Mike McGavick (R) by 11 percentage points, 48% to 37%. That’s up from a four point lead in June.

The ratings reversal comes after six previous polls showed Cantwell’s numbers steadily falling. The latest Rasmussen Reports election poll of 500 likely voters was taken a week after the launch of the 30-second television spot, “First,” which touts Cantwell’s accomplishments on behalf of Washington state’s families.

Cantwell’s favorability now stands at 56%, a three-point gain from last month’s poll. Her unfavorable rating dipped four points during the same time frame, currently registering at 38%. An equal percentage of voters (21%) view her “very” favorably and “very” unfavorably.

McGavick’s numbers are virtually unchanged since last month’s poll. His favorable rating dropped a point to 45% while his unfavorable rating holds steady at 35%. Twenty-one percent (21%) of those surveyed have yet to form an opinion of the candidate.

Cantwell’s support among her party’s voters also has increased; she now pulls support from 88% of Democrats, up from 82% in June. McGavick’s support from his Republican base remains unchanged at 80%. Cantwell has greatly improved her numbers among unaffiliated voters.

Daniel Kirkdoffer comments. Darryl tells us about "McGavick’s “stolen parachute” while both the Seattle Times and the Seattle P-I cover the story today on the Safeco shareholder who is suing him. The P-I story mentions some Seattle blogger as a possible instigator of the suit.The Weakly opines: "Goldstein's involvement will certainly raise the credibility of McGavick's claim that the suit is politically motivated."

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