Monday, September 18, 2006

Dr. Dean, We Have a Problem (UPDATED)

Update [2006-9-19 0:12:15 by howieinseattle]: Fortune's Washington bureau chief writes about "Rahm Emanuel, Pitbull politician"and tells us how he is working hard to beat the Rethugs at their own game. "Democrats' Spending Gives Edge to GOP" in the LA Times covers some of the same territory but gives credit to Howard Dean for delivering "more resources toward building the party at the state level than any other DNC chairman." Meanwhile, Al Gore calls
for the "elimination of all payroll taxes -- including those for social security and unemployment compensation -- and the replacement of that revenue in the form of pollution taxes, principally on CO2."

But Gore said it's up to the American people to demand action.

"When the politicians are paralyzed in the face of a great threat," he explained, "our nation needs a popular movement, a rallying cry, a standard, a mandate that is broadly supported on a bipartisan basis." The former Presidential candidate plans to spend the next year campaigning for the cause.

As David Sirota reminds us, some House Democrats are "bragging about how they are shaking down Big Money interests for cash." And while I agree with Matt Stoller that "it's time the blogosphere begin to focus on organizing problems instead of just our obsession with message," too many people still see no difference in the two political parties when it comes to the corrupting influence of Big Money.

Stoller is also upset about a certain House Democrat in the leadership who is "pandering to Wall Street."


reality-based educator said...


Either Dems or underfunded or they have to sell their souls.

No wonder things are so fucked up.

I see Cantwell appears to be up big on the DUI guy. Will Repubs still throw money into this race or are they writing it off?

Howard Martin said...

They can't afford to write it off. They need to challenge Maria because they just can't afford to give up on this one yet. And they will have all the money they need to throw the mud at her.