Tuesday, July 15, 2008

David Horsey: "For all the irony-challenged literalists..."

Ben Smith has this from Obama, as well as other thoughts from his appearance on Larry King today:
Well, I know it was The New Yorker's attempt at satire. I don't think they were entirely successful with it. But you know what? It's a cartoon, Larry, and that's why we've got the First Amendment.

And I think the American people are probably spending a little more time worrying about what's happening with the banking system and the housing market, and what's happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, than a cartoon.

So I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about it.

The Nation comes out in favor of cartoons (with illustration above). I would like to see something that addresses McCain's "kill them with cigarettes" comment before the whole Cartoon-gate epoch is over.

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