Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Lunch (Eastern) or Breakfast (Pacific) with Barack & Company

thewomandirector: "Ralph Nader Walks Into a Bar..."--video, (08:07).
Ralph Nader gives an 11am Sunday morning speech in San Francisco.
He's back. Deal with it.

LA Times:
"Barack Obama doesn't rule out Hillary Clinton for vice president."
But he also explained that he was thinking through a potential "complication" -- Bill Clinton.
But he may have ruled out The First Spouse.

Wall Street Journal:
"Hagel to Join Obama on Iraq Trip."
Sen. Hagel has not yet endorsed a candidate in the race, and he has offered kind words for both Obama and Republican rival Sen. John McCain, although the two Republicans differ greatly on the war.
Maybe he should bring along Ralph, just to cover all the bases.

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