Monday, September 14, 2009

"Caregivers Demand End To Opposition To Public Option (with video)

SEIU Healthcare 775NW, with video (05:47):
More than 400 caregivers for seniors and people with disabilities – joined by other community allies – will rally Monday afternoon outside Cigna’s office in downtown Seattle. The long-term care workers, members of SEIU Healthcare 775NW, will demand an end to Cigna’s opposition to a public option and call for quick action to pass legislation ensuring access to affordable health care for all Americans.
Speakers will include:

· Jo Joshua Godfrey, victim of Cigna abuse and national consumer advocate

· SEIU member covered by Cigna

· Workers with compelling personal health care stories

· Dr. Toni Lewis, a Geriatrician and President of SEIU’s Committee of Interns and Residents

When: Monday, September 14
2:30 PM

Where: Meet at 600 4th Ave, the City Hall Plaza,
delegation will bring stories and signed banner to Cigna office at 700 5th Ave.

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