Thursday, September 17, 2009

Politico: "Top TV Talkers---Best New Pundits" (with video)

Politico, with video (02:49)
It’s necessary to infuse the prime-time punditocracy with some fresh blood once in a while. Cable bookers could run through the list of contributors on Bloggingheads when looking for a new voice, but there are already some fresh faces showing up frequently on the cable news shows. It’s all to the good because we’ve all seen enough of ... well, you know.

Jonathan Capehart

When Jonathan Capehart was caught inhaling a bagel on air, Gawker joked that MSNBC keeps The Washington Post editorial writer “locked in a room with a camera.” It’s true that Capehart has become a ubiquitous presence on MSNBC, and some days it does seem that he’s there all day, providing analysis as politicos wake up with “Morning Joe” and eat dinner during “Hardball.”

Ezra Klein

A popular blogger for The American Prospect, Ezra Klein didn’t lose his faithful following even after heading to the dreaded MSM (aka The Washington Post). With health care having become a major cable news topic since Obama took office and throughout the summer, the young policy wonk has benefited both online and on camera.

Amanda Carpenter

Last spring, Amanda Carpenter headed to The Washington Times as a reporter and columnist — that’s after already having the titles of author, blogger and television commentator. When not appearing on Fox News in prime time, Carpenter also weighs in on the press alongside Howard Kurtz on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

Ari Melber

The Nation’s Ari Melber has appeared as a political commentator just about everywhere — whether on cable, broadcast, business or public television networks. While writing for a variety of publications, including POLITICO, Melber keeps his views (and himself) in the news.

Ross Douthat

By becoming The New York Times’ youngest-ever op-ed columnist, Ross Douthat immediately took a perch attractive to television bookers. And somehow, in between writing columns and doing commentary, Douthat’s working on his third book (before the age of 30).

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