Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Seattle City Council candidates debate" (with video)

KING 5 News-Up Front, with video:
Robert Rosencrantz and Mike O'Brien are facing off for the council position number eight. O'Brien is a financial officer for a Seattle law firm. He has been an active member of the Sierra Club and has a master's degree in business administration from the University of Washington. Rosencrantz is an affordable housing specialist and past president of the Montlake Community Club. He has a bachelor's degree from the University of Washington. Here are a couple of key differences between the candidates: O'Brien opposes the bored tunnel solution to the Alaskan Way Viaduct; Rosencrantz supports it. O'Brien opposes getting rid of the employee head tax; Rosencrantz supports getting rid of it.

In the race for the fourth council position, Sally Bagshaw is running against David Bloom. Bagshaw has been an attorney for 31 years and also served on the Lake Forest Park city council. Her law degree is from the University of Idaho. For 19 years Bloom directed urban programs for the Greater Seattle Council of Churches. He has a master's degree in theology from Princeton. The two candidates disagree on the viaduct; Bagshaw supports the bored tunnel option and Bloom calls it a bad deal for taxpayers. They also disagree about the proposed solution to the Mercer Mess. Again, Bloom says it costs too much without improving traffic flow. Bagshaw says the plan is critical and needs to move forward.

So, tell us what you think of these candidates. Is it Bagshaw or Bloom, Rosencrantz or O'Brien?

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