Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dow: "My opponent's right-wing Republican supporters are already slinging mud."

Dow Constantine (email):
My opponent's right-wing Republican supporters are already slinging mud.
Last week voters across King County received campaign phone calls with negative and misleading statements about me. The calls concealed their sponsor and even went so far as to involve my family.

This tactic is known as a push-poll and is widely considered one of the worst types of political campaigning. In fact, one state has even outlawed them.

That is why I need your help today. Please do not hesitate to make a contribution to my campaign now.

Ever since Hutchison announced her candidacy for King County Executive, I have
welcomed the opportunity for a fair and open discussion about the future of King
County. I have repeatedly asked my opponent to be open about her positions on
important issues like choice, yet she refuses. Although we have agreed to four televised debates starting in mid-October, she would rather hide behind old Republican rhetoric and misinformation.
My opponent has said she is about bringing people together. Yet, as you can see,
she is about the worst kind of politics as usual. When asked if they paid for the push-poll, my opponent's campaign spokesman answered that the campaign does not discuss proprietary poll efforts.

This behavior illustrates how tough our campaign is going to be until Election Day.

Please make a donation today of $50, $42 (days left until Election Day), or even $25 and send a message to my opponent that we won't stand for such shameless ploys.


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