Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Keep holding me accountable" (with video)

Laurence Lewis (Daily Kos) with video (03:49):
Whatever Robert Gibbs said, about whomever he meant it, and why he ended up walking it back, it's best to remember the words of President Obama himself. To Netroots Nation. Last Month.

Note that his own video used professional leftist Rachel Maddow to emphasize the good that he has done. But also note that Obama himself insisted that we all continue to hold him accountable. He knows very well that holding him accountable will, at times, include strong criticism, from both professional and amateur leftists, from the bloggers he was addressing both at Netroots Nation and throughout the left blogosphere.

Not only does President Obama have no problem with being held accountable, he welcomes it. He invites it. We all should remember that. It speaks well of his character. We all should remember that, too.

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