Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Remarks by the President at Luncheon for Senator Patty Murray"

The White House:
I am here to say thank you not only for my own election but for having the wisdom to send Patty Murray to Washington. (Applause.) And when this state sent Patty to the Senate, she wasn’t one of these lifelong politicians who wanted the job or the position for a fancy title or a nice office. She was a self-described mom in tennis shoes who was just looking to help a few people solve a few problems. And all these years later, Patty is that same person -– except she’s helped a whole lot of people solve a whole lot of big problems.

When I was in the Senate, I sat next to Patty on the Veterans Affairs Committee. And I can tell you there is no fiercer advocate for our veterans than Patty Murray. Nobody. (Applause.) Whether it was keeping three VA hospitals open here in Washington, or helping a World War II veteran break through the bureaucracy so he could receive his Purple Heart, no problem is too big, no problem is too small for Patty to fight for you.

And the same is true when it comes to fighting for jobs and opportunity for the people of this state. You’ve seen her go to bat to keep Boeing jobs and aerospace jobs right here in Washington. You’ve seen her fight for clean energy jobs and new infrastructure jobs right here in Washington. She’s a senator who still flies across the country every weekend to come home, to listen -- to listen to you, the cares and concerns of her constituents. So this is -- this is the kind of person you want representing you. Especially in a time like this, this is the kind of leader you need. The country needs Patty. MORE...

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