Monday, August 09, 2010

"While some Democrats run from Obama, Sen. Murray isn't"

While some Democratic candidates nationally are keeping their distance, Washington Sen. Patty Murray is welcoming President Barack Obama later this month to the state even as his poll numbers have faded and Republicans call the visit a sign her campaign is desperate.

Democrats counter that Obama's Aug. 17 trip is a smart strategic move that will help her raise tens of thousands of dollars in campaign cash and energize the party's base.

Murray, with a few exceptions, has been a consistent supporter of the administration's initiatives, including health care and Wall Street reform. It's a record she shows no intention of downplaying and is prepared to run on.

"I have no problem with the president of the United States seeing what I see every weekend when I come home," Murray said in an interview. "It provides a touchstone for him."

Details of the trip have yet to be firmed up, but it will include a fundraiser and a public appearance somewhere in the Seattle area. Murray said the visit will allow her to talk with the president about the cleanup of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, aerospace and Boeing, and the state's high tech and green energy sectors.

"Going to the White House is one thing," Murray said. "But he needs to come out and see what is real." MORE...
Howie P.S.: Patty has a raffle---"Win two tickets to see President Obama in Seattle!" This is Obama's first visit to Seattle as President.

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