Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Olbermann is now going head-to-head with Rachel Maddow, his old protege, for the first few minutes of her show." (with video)

Olbermann responded that he was going after MSNBC, not Maddow personally.

"Sorry," he wrote. "It is a competition." He also pointed out that Maddow had appeared on the last minutes of Lawrence O'Donnell's show, directly opposite Olbermann, to talk about Jon Stewart--a seeming incentive to MSNBC's viewers not to change the channel.

"So I'm assuming you're mad at her for doing the last five minutes of O'Donnell's show in competition with me?" he wrote. "I'm not." MORE...
Howie P.S.: I am posting this, but I'm not really sure why. More news on the media landscape: "Markos Moulitsas Bashes MSNBC On Olbermann's First 'Countdown,' with video (10:40).

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